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Clockwise API

Clockwise comes with a small built in server that provides a few calls to control your device.

We’re documenting these here for easy referencing and access, but you can also use our openapi.yml file with your OpenAPI tools of choice.

For all requests (except “GET /”) you will receive the HTTP status code 204 - No Content when the call was successfull.


This call returns the HTML for the settings page of your Clockwise device.

GET /get

Returns all clockwise related information about the device as “X-“-headers:

GET /read

Getting pin information

POST /restart

Can be used to restart the device.

POST /set

You can set specific attributes of the device by using the following query parameters:

So for example if you want to set the brightness to 80 and your device has the IP, the easiest way to set the display brightness would be to cURL your device like this:

curl -X POST

Be advised

Right now you can only update a single attribute within a single request and afterwards your device needs to be restarted!