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News 90s GIF[2023-08-27] Version 1.4.1 released! fixed a bug in Canvas clockface and a new parameter to set the POSIX manually was added. Be part of the Clock Club and create your own clockface using Canvas.

Flash self-service

Here in this section you can upload the desired clockface to your device. A step-by-step how to flash the Clockwise can be seen here. This feature uses the ESP Web Tools library.


Ah snap, your browser does not support WebSerial API! If you are using a mobile browser, this is expected. Please, move to the desktop version. Ah snap, you are not allowed to use this on HTTP!


You will need only three components to make a Clockwise device, they are easily found on stores like Amazon and Aliexpress. More details here.


Clockwise comes with a small built in server that provides a few calls to control your device.

Have a look at our dedicated API documentation


Clockwise was an idea I had while working with 64x64 LED matrices. These displays are about the size of a wall clock and with the ESP32, besides controlling the content presented on the display we also gain the functionality of WiFi, Bluetooth, touch buttons and other sensors, which gives us basically a smart wall clock. I wrote a post for instructables.

Clockwise on a shelf